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Dancing Between The Raindrops: The Hollywood Years

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A sequel to his steamy semi-autobiographical novel set in 1980's NYC, "Dancing Between the Raindrops: The Hollywood Years" follows the story of Award winning journalist Nelson Aspen's alter ego, Thomas Porter, as he moves to Hollywood in 1990 and continues his unorthodox rise to TV stardom. Many of his old friends are still along for the ride but a new cast of characters, including some of your favorite celebrities, are there to spice up his twenty-two years in Tinseltown. Thomas' sexy misadventures in the tandem pursuits of love and fame take wild turns that will have you binge-reading!

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"Nelson Aspen's novel is laugh-out-loud funny and quite often touching. Packed full of gooey, gossipy goodness alongside wonderful nostalgic moments, Aspen's wit and wisdom are evident on every page. This is a book you will devour!"

—Carolyn Hennesy, Emmy Winning Actor and NYT Best Selling Author

"Dancing Between The Raindrops: The Hollywood Years is a delightful and endearing coming of age story packed with New York sophistication and Hollywood glitz!"

—Ken Waissman, Tony Award winning Producer

"The romp continues! It’s a cracking read and I laughed out loud. No one spills the showbiz tea like Nelson."

—Melissa Doyle, Television Presenter, Journalist & Author

"What a juicy joyride through Hollywood! Just like Part One, I could not put this book down. His roving celebrity reporter Thomas Porter is smack dab in the middle of all those scintillating 90’s news stories. I know for sure I would have had a much better time on my many visits to LA with a friend like him and his merry circle of friends and lovers. Can’t wait for Part Three."

—Ilene Kristen, TV & Broadway Actor

"It wasn't enough that Nelson Aspen survived 1980s New York by dancing between the raindrops. In his follow-up, he and the reader put the top down and head for Hollywood in the 1990s. Expect a constant flow of drinks, hors d'oeuvres, and entertainment in this love letter to life in Los Angeles."

—Steven Schwankert, Author & Co-creator of "The Six" Titanic documentary

"As a child of the 80’s who came of age pursuing my own Hollywood dream, I thoroughly enjoyed Nelson’s book. At the core of this captivating page turner beats the heart of its main character and Nelson’s alter ego, Thomas. His exciting 'wing and a prayer' journey, fueled with hope and possibility carries the reader away on an exciting adventure."

—Sean Kanan, Emmy winning Producer, Actor, Author

"Nelson Aspen has done it again! Just as he vividly and entertainingly brought New York in the eighties to life, he does the same with Los Angeles in the nineties in his newest book. Picking up where Dancing Between the Raindrops left off, our protagonist has moved west. He explores exciting new career opportunities while still looking for love in between interacting with Hollywood's elite. Any book that includes a celebrity sighting of Woody Harrelson and Carol Lynley exiting a Malibu yoga studio together, is a must read."

—Tom Lisanti, author Ryan's Hope: An Oral History of Daytime's Groundbreaking Soap

"Dancing Between The Raindrops: The Hollywood Years is more than addictive -- it is the book you must read if you don't read anything else this year. Of course, it's wildly entertaining; Aspen is the author, after all. There's witty dialogue, fun plot twists, clever use of real life events, and plenty of sex. Seriously steamy sex. But there's more. This is a story about aspiration. And hope. It's about winning your victories by working harder than anyone else on the planet, and being open to whatever life sends you, and doing it all with humor. It's about learning to know yourself. And never giving up on your dream of finding love."

—Louise Shaffer, Author & Emmy winning actor

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